Welcome to the Oonaverse!

Greetings, earthlings! This is Oona’s mom Sara, writing dispatches from the Oonaverse. Oona is DeafBlind and developmentally disabled (CHARGE syndrome). I hope that sharing our journey with the world will be helpful to other families, and also build community.

I started this blog when Oona was 7 years old and we were living in Washington, DC. Now Oona is now 11 years old and we live in Connecticut. Since fall 2020, she has been happily attending the American School for the Deaf in West Hartford.

I write about a broad range of topics that affect Oona’s opportunities and quality of life here in the Oonaverse, including education policy, sign language, health services, disability justice, and so on. I hope you enjoy the blog. Please comment and write me a note in the “contact” section!