Pro-Tactile American Sign Language

Sara | December 3, 2018

What is Pro-Tactile ASL? Pro-Tactile ASL is now considered a distinct language from ASL, which DeafBlind activists started referring to as “Visual ASL” or VASL, in order emphasize the different modalities of the languages. The Pro-Tactile movement is not just a language movement but also…..

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On DeafBlind Interveners

Sara | November 8, 2018

This year Oona has an intervener (educational aide, with a skillset specific to the child’s needs) who identifies herself as DeafBlind. She is a graduate of Gallaudet who is Deaf with close vision, as a result of Usher’s Syndrome, a…..

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Sara | July 26, 2018

Hi, this is Oona’s mom Sara. Oona is a 7-year-old DeafBlind child with CHARGE syndrome. I hope that sharing our journey with the world will be helpful to other families and build community. I write about a broad range of…..

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